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Illustrated Map
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Updated on 4-9-2023

SST Map Index

The best place to start and orient yourself, the map index shows the entire length of the Standing Stone Trail, as well as the particular region each map covers.


If you have traveled along the SST before, please note that the current maps now start from Cowans State Gap, and travel northward to the terminus junction with the Mid State Trail

SST Map Index - 10-23-2022.png


Map one starts at the southern terminous of the SST, Cowans Gap State Park, and travels north to Fort Littleton.  Along the way, the hiker will pass three vistas, and an area of interest, Vanderbilt's Folly.



Map two continues from LIttle Aughwick Creek to Meadow Gap, passing three vistas, as well as the iconic symbol of the SST, Monument Rock.  Monument rock is a fascinating spire of rock located adjacent to a great vista.  This is a nice area to relax and take a break.

2 |  2023-02 SST_Website_PDFs_2AP (1).png


Map three spans from Meadow Gap to Hoopers Gap.  This section is undergoing trail relocation projects, and there is a good chance you might get to meet the trail crew working in SGL 99.  Keep an eye open for trail signs and notifications of changes.

3 _ 2023-02 SST_Website_PDFs_3AP (1).png


This section of the SST showcases some of the most famous views of the trail.  As you continue from Hoopers gap and climb Jacks Mountain, be prepared to take in some stunning panoramas, including "The Throne Room" vista, considered by many to be one of the finest views in the state.  This section also contains the Butler Knob shelter, a great place to set up camp and relax for an evening.

4 _ 2023-02 SST_Website_PDFs_4AP (1).png


Map five highlights one of the most interesting areas of the SST, Jacks Narrows and the Thousand Steps.  This section passes numerous vistas, and takes the hiker up the 1,000 stone steps built by workers of a historic silica mining operation. 



This area also makes for a great day hike.  Click the button below for a zoomed in map of Jacks Narrows.

5 _ 2023-02 SST_Website_PDFs_5AP (1).png


Continuing north, Map 6 takes you past the exceptional Mill Creek Quarry vista, past the double power line vista, through SGL 112 and Rothrock State Forest, and terminates at the Double Power Line vista.

6 _ 2023-02 SST_Website_PDFs_6AP (1).png


Continuing through State Game Lands 112., this section of the trail brings you to Rothrock State Forest, and the fabulous scenery of the Rocky Ridge Natural Area.  The hiker will be treated to numerous views, as well as the fascinating rock formations and ledges of Rocky Ridge.

7 _ 2023-02 SST_Website_PDFs_7AP (1).png


Seven vistas and an excellent ridge walk await the hiker in section eight of the SST.  This section continues through Rothrock State Forest, and leads the hiker to Greenwood Furnace State Park, an excellent park to spend a day hiking, relax, and enjoy a swim.

8 _ 2023-02 SST_Website_PDFs_8AP (1).png


The final section of the SST.  Recent efforts have further developed the northern most section of the SST, typically referred to as the Greenwood Spur.  Beginning at Greenwood Furnance State Park, this section travels northward through Broad Mountain, the Alan Seeger Natural Area, and terminates at the Mid State Trail in the Detweiler Run Natural Area.   For great day hikes through Old Growth Forest and tunnels of rhododendron, be sure to check out connecting trials like John Wert, Detweiler Run on the MST, and sections in Alan Seeger.

9 _ 2023-02 SST_Website_PDFs_9AP (1).png
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