Standing Stone Trail End to End Hiker Application

Who is an End to End Hiker?
Anyone who has thru hiked or section hiked the entire Standing Stone Trail, in one trip or in many trips, this year or in previous years!

How Can I Become an End to End Hiker?
The following two items should be mailed to Kristin Joivell, End to End Coordinator at

  1. A completed Standing Stone Trail End to End APPLICATION. 

  2. A copy of your Standing Stone Trail End to End Hike Journal.

Items are reviewed between November 1 and December 31. End to End Hikers are invited to receive their awards at the annual SSTC meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, your award will be postal mailed to you after the annual SSTC meeting.

SST End to End Hikers Will Receive: 

1.  SSTC Membership
2.  SST End to End Certificate
3.  Standing Stone Trail Patch
4.  Standing Stone Trail Sticker  
5.  Listing in the Rockhopper
6.  Listing on the SST website

Tips for Your Standing Stone Trail End to End Hike Journal:

  • Try to keep your journal submission at or under 10 pages.

  • Digital journals are preferred, and photographs, GPS tracks, and waypoints are encouraged but not required.

  • If you would like to mail your journal as a physical object, contact the End to End Coordinator for the address.

  • Journals containing nothing more than lists of campsites, distance travelled, and dates are not sufficient.

  • Journals indicating walking through hunting season or other periodic closure areas on closure dates will be disqualified. The SSTC discourages activities that could endanger the trail’s continued permissions, especially on private land.

  • In any case, your journal should feel like an outlet and not a responsibility; it should never make a hike feel like a job.

Tips for Meeting the Standing Stone Trail End to End Hike Requirements:

  • You must hike the entire Standing Stone Trail without any gaps.

  • All travel must be on foot. You can start and end section hikes on opposite sides of the same trailhead parking lot, but you can’t skip rocky areas, bridges, rail trails and road walks.

  • You don’t need to re-hike relocations and extensions subsequent to your hike completion date.

  • Either direction counts, northbound or southbound.