Whether it is trail maintenance and construction, group hikes, or social outings, we like to keep active.  Right now, we are constantly working to improve the trail, and help is always needed. Check out the events below and contact the event coordinator if you would like to participate.​

SST Sweet 16 Trail Challenge

Ongoing Event


Do you enjoy hiking? Discovering unusual tidbits of Pennsylvania history? Exploring beautiful valleys and vistas? If so, this challenge is for YOU!


Reach all sixteen challenges and become a Sweet 16’er! You will receive a certificate and commemorative patch. There are no time constraints so you can complete all 16 challenges at your pace. Become an official Sweet 16’er by reaching all 16 features on or after January 1, 2019. Please download our detailed brochure and learn how to get started. If you decide to participate, please also download the Trail Challenge form and follow the directions in the document. (Event started in January 2019). If you need help answering the challenge questions you can click on this link