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SST Trail Maintenance Sections

SECTION 1 | 1.95mi.
 Cowans Lake Dam to top of Knobsville Rd.

SECTION 2 | 1.83mi.
Knobsville Rd. to Wagner Tr.

SECTION 3 | 1.19mi.
Wagner Tr. to Sharpe Tr.

SECTION 4 | 1.05mi.
Sharpe Tr. to Todd Tr.

SECTION 5 | 3.86mi.
Todd Tr. to int. SR 522 & Sheepskin Hollow Rd.

SECTION 6 | 2.93mi.
Int. SR 522 & Sheepskin Hollow Rd. to Ramsey Path 

SECTION 7 | 1.83mi.
Ramsey Path to crest of Blacklog Mtn.

SECTION 8 | 3.03mi.
Crest of Blacklog Mtn. to Lockes Valley Rd. 

SECTION 9 | 1.45mi.
Lockes Valley Rd. hilltop to Meadow Gap

SECTION 10 | 5.4mi.
Meadow Gap to SGL 99 access rd. W. of Three Springs

SECTION 11 | 4.28mi.
SR 994 parking area to N. edge of Hooper's Gap 

SECTION 12 | 3.09mi.
N. edge of Hooper's Gap to Deeter Spring 

SECTION 13 | 2mi.
Deeter Spring & past fire tower to Jack's Tower Rd.

SECTION 14 | 3.3mi.
Jack's Tower Rd. to wye in Jack's Mtn. Rd.

SECTION 15 | 3.8mi.
Wye in Jack's Mtn. Rd. to high point of Jack's Mtn.

SECTION 16 | 3.5mi.
High point of Jack's Mtn. to Juniata River bridge

SECTION 17a | .9mi.
Juniata River bridge to US 22

SECTION 18 | .78mi.
Thousand Steps kiosk to Ledge Quarry

SECTION 19 | 2.68mi.
Ledge Quarry to SGL & Rothrock S.F. Boundary

SECTION 20 | 2.21mi.
SGL & Rothrock S.F. boundary to Jack's Mtn. fern field  

SECTION 21 | 2.16mi.
Jack's Mtn. fern field to Route 655

SECTION 22 | 2.9mi.
Route 655 to double power lines 

SECTION 23 | 2.58mi.
Double power lines to SGL 112 access rd.

SECTION 24 | 3.03mi.
SGL access rd. parking to Frew Rd. cul-de-sac

SECTION 25 | 2.13mi.
Frew Rd. cul-de-sac to Frew Rd.

SECTION 26 | 1.46mi.
Frew Rd. to Allensville Rd.

SECTION 27 | 2.6mi.
Allensville Rd. to Little Vista

SECTION 28 | 2.1mi.
Little Vista to Pole Tr.

SECTION 29 | 2.3mi.
Pole Tr. to Turkey Tr.

SECTION 30 | 2.48mi.
Turkey Tr. to Greenwood Rd. parking area

SECTION 31 | 2.36mi.
Greenwood Rd. parking area to Greenwood Tower

SECTION 32 | 2.31mi.
Greenwood Tower to Seeger Rd.

SECTION 33 | 2.18mi.
Seeger Rd. to Mid State Tr. junction at Detweiler Run

SECTION 17b | 1.3mi.
US 22 to kiosk on Thousand Steps

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