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First Day Hike

​This 5 mile loop with about 800 feet of elevation gain leaves Greenwood Furnace along the Monsell Trail, meanders through a mature oak forest along Lorence trail, then summits the Stone Mountain Ridge on Turkey Trail - showcasing the fine stone work of the Standing Stone Trail Club. Once on the ridge top, we walked along the Standing Stone Trail to the Stone Valley Vista, looking back on Greenwood Furnace and taking a snack/picture break, then proceeded north on the SST back to the trail head at the park.

Depending on snow conditions this hike should take 3-4 hours. Hike began at the Park office. It was 5 miles in length. Degree of Difficulty - strenuous.

No minimum age for children, but child hikers need to be prepared to finish the loop! Pets on a leash were welcome. Bring water, snacks, and a camera for the vista!

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