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Overview of the NEWSLETTER EDITOR/PUBLISHER position: 

The Rock Hopper is the official newsletter of the Standing Stone Trail Club and one of our primary ways to connect with our membership.  We are currently seeking a volunteer to be the editor/publisher of the Rock Hopper and we encourage anyone with interest to let us know.  You would oversee the collection articles, photos, and other information to share with our general membership on a regular schedule.  Then the newsletter would be created by arranging the information into a small newsletter of a couple pages to be electronically distributed.


Our plan is to make The Rock Hopper one of the primary methods to connect with our membership by sharing such information as updates along the trail, upcoming events, and personal stories from our trail users. We intend to reveal history from the trail’s founders, as well as tips and tricks to make everyone’s experience on the SST even better. We would like to send a newsletter by email for each change of the season and make it available via our Facebook group and our website.  Members would be asked to pass along news for upcoming editions and the officers of the club would offer direct assistance too.


For more information, please email the trail club at and we can answer any questions that you may have.  Much appreciation for your consideration as the Standing Stone Trail is not possible without its members!

Posted on 1/1/2024 - Open until removed

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